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Switching to an Eco Friendly Car?


Posted by admin | Posted in Green life | Posted on 13-08-2014

It’s no secret that going green and being eco friendly is the “in” thing these days and for good reason.  It is safer for the environment and leaves less of a negative footprint on the earth.  One area where this trend has really taken off is in the area of automobiles.  More and more automakers are either producing eco friendly cars and still others are considering getting on board.

I’ve heard a car checker jokingly tell me that the eco in eco friendly can also mean economical as well but that is true in many ways.  First of all, they require less maintenance so you don’t need a car check as often as cars which are unfriendly to the environment. People who own eco friendly cars can also save a whole lot of money on fuel costs since most eco friendly vehicles use a combination of electricity and gas.  There are even some that use no gas at all, although they tend to go shorter distances than those which are hybrid in nature.

When you have someone check mot for your car, they often check how dangerous it is for the environment. Eco friendly cars also spit out far less carbon dioxide into our air since they use considerably less fossil fuels. Another great thing about these vehicles is that they tend to be constructed using recycled/recyclable and sustainable material.  This means that there is less tearing down and destruction of natural resources.

And the list goes on. For example, by driving eco friendly vehicles we depend less and less on foreign oil for our transportation needs.  It is no secret that the major oil producing countries have been known to manipulate the supply “available” from time to time for both economic and political reasons.

Yes, it’s true that some folks will always want one of those big powerful vehicles which eat up gas like there’s no tomorrow.  However, the economy being what it is these days, quite a few of them are no realizing how much sense it makes to drive an eco friendly car instead.  Some have even taken to owning one of each, with the eco friendly model being the one they use most often, and driving the strictly gas dependent one on weekends or certain occasions.

One thing is for sure; eco friendly cars are here to stay.  And don’t be surprised if somewhere in the not too distant future they make up the majority of the cars on the road.  Plus, with many countries mandating that newer cars get a certain number of miles per gallon of gas, all signs point to eco friendly cars growing in number. If you don’t already own one, now may be the time to look into them.

Gardening Projects for Every Age


Posted by admin | Posted in Green life | Posted on 07-07-2014

If you have a fussy eater on your hands then you’ve probably tried just about everything to get them to try new foods but perhaps you haven’t tried getting a little dirty and introducing your kid to gardening. When you take your child outside to garden and they start watering the seeds, tending to the plant first thing in the morning and eventually feel the pride of harvesting “their” vegetables they are guaranteed to be open to eating them.

Gardening is a great learning experience for your kids. It teaches them valuable lessons including the connection of the weather, planting seeds, water and then harvesting. It also encourages them to take on responsibility, develop their self-esteem and it offers your child a great source of exercise. Once they’ve worked up an appetite after tending to their plants they can rip off a ripe cherry tomato or runner beans and fuel up. Gardening is a great activity for every child but there are some gardening projects that are more friendly for specific ages. Check out these gardening ideas for every age.

Age 2: Speed-Garden

Toddlers don’t wait so it can be tricky to convince them to have the patience for gardening so this is a really great way to visually teach your child about growing plants and quickly. There are several ways that you can quickly grow bean sprouts inside. For the most popular way, all you need is a clear plastic bag (jar or cup), some cotton balls and a bean.

  • Moisten the cotton until damp
  • Place cotton at the bottom of plastic bag
  • Layer several bean seeds on top of the cotton
  • Seal the plastic bag
  • Tape the plastic bag (or put the cup/jar next to window) so that it has sun exposure that helps germinate the bean seeds
  • Make sure the beans remain on top of the cotton
  • Watch has seeds sprout and then transfer to garden

Ages 3-4: Bean Tepee

This easy and fast-growing project also provides a fort for your child. Find a place in your vegetable patch or around the garden that gets at least 6-hours of sunlight.

  • You will have to find about 5-9 wooden stakes, bamboo poles or strong branches from trees, twine or string and runner beans.
  • Create a circle that is about 1 meter in diameter with some fertilizer, compost or dirt.
  • Stick your poles or branches into the ground and tie them together at the top to create a tepee. Make sure that you leave an entrance.
  • Have your child plant runner beans about 2 inches deep around the inside of the tepee and within a few weeks you will have sprouts winding their way up the poles. You will probably have to lightly tie them to the tepee at first to guide their way up.

Once the foliage of the runner beans has covered the poles or branches your child will have the perfect summer hideaway that produces a healthy and tasty snack.

Ages 5-6: Plant Seedlings

By this age you can really get involved in gardening projects with your child. There are a lot of vegetables to grow and later use in Easy Recipes For Kids including lettuce, sunflowers, peas and cherry tomatoes. A great way to get your child interested from the start is to plant seedlings (small vegetable plants) rather than seeds because they will be able to harvest the fruit of their hard worker quicker. You will be surprised when your fussy eater enjoys eating home-grown veggies as Healthy Snacks For Kids.

It is never too early or too late to get your child involved with gardening. It will be rewarding for you to watch as their interest in the process grows as quickly as their vegetables. Their self-esteem will continue to grow and they will learn to enjoy Healthy Eating For Kids.

Small Changes around the Home that will Reduce Your Energy Bills


Posted by admin | Posted in Green life | Posted on 07-04-2014

When you are finding that your energy bills keep on rising but you are doing nothing differently, it is time to make some changes around the home. It doesn’t matter if you are already settled in your home, or you are still trying to Find Property, you need to make some changes to your lifestyle and your home that will ensure that not only you will pay less for your energy but that you will be saving the planet too.

A green home is the best kind of home you can have, and that means treating the environment with the kindness it deserves. Having your heating on all day and piping hot water coming from the taps is no way to care for your home; you need to stop and turn down the heat. Of course, there are reasons why your home may always feel cold and these start with poor insulation. Draughts around doors and windows and poor loft insulation will mean that you are heating your home but the heat is simply escaping; stop and check how air tight your home really is.

When you buy a house, you can ask for an energy certificate, in the same way you can when you are looking for Property To Rent. An energy certificate will give you a good idea of how much it will cost to run your home, and with that in mind you can budget accordingly. Once you are sure your home is air tight, you can then go on to make some more changes around the home that will mean your energy bills will stay lower for longer.

One great way to ensure that you have low energy bills is to install solar panels on your roof; however this is not always a financially viable option. Using the sun however to heat your home is however and it is free; make sure that the orientation of your home means that it gets plenty of sunlight and where possible you have skylights too. A home that gets a lot of sunshine is a warm and happy home and one where the winter fuel bills can be dramatically lower than a cold north facing dwelling.

When you already have your home and you are not looking to Buy A House, you cannot change the orientation of your property, but you can change the way that you run it. Start by adding draught excluder to your doors, only ever using the washing machine on an eco setting, and most importantly turning down the thermostat on your central heating. Use energy saving plugs throughout your house and you can save up to £60 a year on average on your energy bills; these are just a few ways that you can get the savings to really add up.

Small changes around the home may not make a big impact on your fuel bill, but when you make lots of little changes they will make a big saving over the course of a year. So, start making changes in and around your home today and start saving on your next energy bill right away.

How a PPC Campaign Can Help Your Environment Website


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 05-02-2014

When you have an up and running website, your priority is to drive traffic to it and to push it to the top of the ratings. It doesn’t matter what type of website you have; you need to learn the tricks of the trade to ensure that people will visit you and buy your product or service. An environmental website may not be as popular as one that sell the latest fashionable clothes, so a ppc agency london can help you get your content up with the very best.

An environmental website may include blogs, article, or calendars of events in your area that environmentalists should be interested in pursuing. Your website however needs to be at the top of the search engines for people to come across it when they do an engine search, and one great way that will help you achieve this as well as create revenue for yourself as well as your cause is by adding pay per click advertising.

A PPC campaign for your site is easy to set up, and all you need is an Adwords account or similar. Your site will simply show advertising for related topics or products and each time a visitors clicks on an advert, both yourself and the related company will benefit. For every click on your site, you will receive revenue, and for every click the affiliate company will receive traffic to their site for a very minimal cost.

There are different types of PPC campaigns you can set up for your environment website, and these will include standard rate as well as variable rate clicks. The revenue from each click may only be small, but these clicks will help increase the popularity of your affiliates and in turn your own. What this means is that both parties, or the various parties (depending on how many adverts you have on your site) will benefit from the strategy without having to pay out huge amounts on advertising.

These days, developing a website for your environmental cause is simply not sufficient; it needs to look great, and moreover it needs to rank up with the best. There are all sorts of different advertising strategies you can implement to ensure your site rates with the best, such as banner advertising and back-linking, but a PPC campaign is virtually cost free to yourself and will improve your ratings in the search engine.

Your affiliates will be cleverly chosen through use of keywords, and depending on the precise campaign you choose, you will be paid per click on the adverts your display on your content, or alternatively when a click creates a sale. When a sale is created from a click on your site, you will get a percentage of the sale price, the amount being worked out between yourself and your affiliate.

When you link to popular sites with good sales opportunities, you therefore have the capacity to make money without having to invest. Lastly, to ensure your PPC campaign for your environmental website works to its maximum potential, ensure your site is constantly being refreshed with up-to-date and interesting content. When your site it interesting and new, and your affiliates are too, you really have a win-win situation all round!

As well as PPC, there are other methods digital marketing methods you can use to make your blog more popular. You should consult a seo agency london or visit www.ascently.com if you wish to know more about these methods.

Tips to Reduce Your Business Costs


Posted by admin | Posted in Green life | Posted on 27-01-2014

Wouldn’t you love to pay less out each year? It may mean paying more tax, but you get more profit in the end. Accountants Portsmouth will be able to give you the full information, but here are some tips to reduce your yearly costs.

Skip the Paper Billing and Costs

Watch out for those costs associated with paper billing and payments. You can quickly lower these costs with the use of technology. Opt for an electronic based account and make sure all your bills are sent through email. You can also keep all your invoices and outgoing statements to online methods with email. If any of your clients or customers want paper copies, charge them for the luxury. As an added bonus, it’s a lot more environmentally friendly to use electronic methods rather than paper.

Invest in VoIP Calling

There’s no need to have a landline any more. Look into VoIP phones or use the internet more, like the accountants basingstoke. If you really do need a phone, make sure you have a smartphone that will allow you to work while you’re on the go as well as make phone calls. These usually have better plans for when you’re calling other businesses or mobiles.

Opt for Online Marketing

Paper marketing is effective but it can be expensive and an unnecessary strain on the environment. After that, you may consider TV ads or radio, but they are even worse for your budget. Save your money by opting for online marketing. You will need a website, but that is just a small cost. Most of the online methods are free. Those that aren’t cost a fraction of the offline methods due to the use of technology. There are plenty of options, including social media and email marketing.

Stop Spending on Your Credit Card

While you want to build up your business’ credit rating, accountants salisbury suggest that you stop spending so much on the company credit card. Instead, focus on saving upfront and spending it out of that or your profits. The problem with credit card debt is the interest. While you can claim some of this back, you will end up paying more for items in the long run. Talk to accountants winchester if you are worried about this.

You can keep your costs to a minimum. The trick is to find small ways to make some savings and cut out those items that are no longer necessities. You don’t need paper billing or landline telephones to make your small business work.

What’s In My Eco-Friendly Toothbrush?


Posted by admin | Posted in Green life | Posted on 21-01-2014

It’s become all the rage to use an eco-friendly toothbrush instead of a harmful plastic one that contains ingredients that can be both dangerous to you and the planet. Most stores these days are starting to carry eco-conscious toothbrushes and the popularity is only continuing to rise. If you haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon yet, let us give you some information (courtesy of a dentist in harrow) about the most common eco-friendly toothbrushes on the market right now.

One of the first eco-friendly toothbrushes ever made also remains one of the most popular still. It’s made mostly from organic bamboo that’s biodegradable. The bamboo handle is smooth and splinter-free and doesn’t breakdown when exposed to water like many believe. The dentist Farringdon remarks at how well these particular eco-friendly toothbrushes work. Don’t be misled into thinking earth conscious materials are less effective. These eco-friendly toothbrushes often work better than regular plastic brushes according to Kensington Dental professionals. The bristles of earth conscious brushes are often constructed from a gentle nylon material that is designed to easily grab plaque and leftover food to remove it from deep spaces in your mouth. The bamboo eco-friendly toothbrush is always a great option.

While not as popular as bamboo, there is another eco-friendly toothbrush catching the eye of earth conscious folks. These toothbrushes are made from a few different material options. One is created from recycled rock. The handle is slightly heavier than a traditional plastic toothbrush but essentially never wears down. Another handle option is one made from recycled wood pieces. These eco-friendly toothbrushes are designed to have removable heads and bristles so you can replace them when you’re ready. The handles are extremely sturdy and last virtually a lifetime. The bristles are made from an earth-friendly plastic material that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

No matter what eco-friendly toothbrush you decide on, you can be sure you’re making a difference.

Running in a More Natural Way


Posted by admin | Posted in Green life | Posted on 05-11-2013

Running in minimalist shoes or running barefoot. This is one of the latest trends in the world of running. But voices claim that this form of running is more natural and provides great benefits, some feel that it has its downside. Specialists in biomechanics and sports podiatry give their opinion.

Some experts say that the biggest advantage of running with minimalist running trainers is the naturalness of the treads. It’s the closest thing to running barefoot and this; they claim it has many advantages. That coincides with those who bet on this trend in that one of the positive aspects of running with this shoe is the perception of feeling the ground and adds that also enhance intrinsic foot muscles.

One of the disadvantages of practicing running with minimalist running trainers is “the increase in injuries due to increasing the impact of the foot on the ground and the lack of stability for lack of subject.

5 fingers or fingers together

The market offers two types of minimalist shoes, the five fingers running trainers vivo, models with separate compartments for each toe, and those running trainers that keep your fingers together. In this sense, if I had to choose, I would choose models with the fingers together. I think they have something more effective and less dangerous, to make the forefoot more evenly on a palette.

Limited use and gradual

For those who decide to try these shoes, the specialists advise to do so gradually. “At most they should be used between 10 and 15 minutes on a grass -like surface. Also, I think its use should be limited to the heating phase, never to train and less to compete, unless the broker is an expert, very well suited to the race, with light weight and good morphological structure”.

For those who have not ever run, the expert believes that it is a bad way to start doing it. “Absolutely not. It would be too traumatic and dangerous”.


  • The sole should be really thin. As thin as possible in order to really feel the ground, as if you were barefoot running . A cushioned sole, however little, you away from the ground and causes instability.
  • The tip should also be very wide, so that the fingers can freely expand upon tread. By putting them on notice that you have no room to spare and that moving and slash open fingers with the shoe.
  • They have to be very light and the fabric of the top (upper) very thin and breathable.
  • Not carry any support for the arch of the foot, or the shoe or the template (if fitted) or anything that prevents the foot to move laterally. To tie them notice that you should not go up or near the bow. They should only be attached to the upper leaving the rest of the foot and the arch completely free.
  • And finally, although this is much more personal, you have to take them without socks comfortably.

So , before you decide to change the normal to the minimalist running trainers is necessary to evaluate different aspects and always do so with rigor and under professional advice.

Making Silver Jewellery At Home


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 25-09-2013

Making silver jewellery at home can prove to be an environmentally friendly way to be fashionable. You can construct your own jewellery for individual use, gift, or you may choose to start a small business. Many homemakers have begun a jewellery making business from home, selling their jewellery on profitable auction websites, or on their very own personal website. This can serve as an excellent source of residual income.

But, suppose you are genuinely interested in crafting your own silver jewellery. Where do you begin? The first step to making handmade jewellery is retrieving the right tools:

  • Pliers: You may have to utilize flat nose pliers, or even round nose pliers. These pliers can be used to alter the structure of the silver to your liking, enabling you to form specific shapes, through the act of bending, tweaking, etc.
  • Jewellery Saws: These exist in many variations, referred to as grades. If you are a beginner, consider using a 1 or 0 grade saw.
  • Files: If you are us beginning the jewellery making process, use flat or oval shaped needle files. If you must eliminate the existence of solder from the silver, choose a large file.
  • Ball Pien Hammer: This is used to help shape the silver, and can tap certain portion of the silver into specific shapes.
  • Soldering Torch:  Make sure that the torch you choose is easily adaptable, with regard to shape.
  • Charcoal Block: If a jewellery item requires additional modification or shaping, use this device.
  • Dish and Borax Cone: A flux must be used during the silver making process, for best results.
  • Binding Wire: This particular device should be utilized during the use of two or more soldered pieces. When merging them together, remove this wire. This material also plays a vital role in the casting process.
  • Titanium Soldering Stick: The melting point of silver is significantly higher than that of other metals. Because of this, it is critical to use a metal with a significantly higher melting point.
  • Insulated Tweezers: During the soldering process, it is necessary to hold silver pieces together. This can be used to join silver pieces during the soldering process.
  • A vise: This particular item is absolutely vital. It facilitates the process of bending. Silver jewellery making also entails a filing process, during which this device can be used.

As tacitly noted by the above mentioned tools, silver jewellery making is a highly complex process

Pollution Facts


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 20-09-2013

I think it would be best to start with some facts about global pollution which will hopefully motivate some people to do something to make a difference.

  1. Approximately 1.2 trillion liters of untreated sewage and industrial waste is dumped into US waters.
  2. While only 10% of the world populace are children, they’re affected the most by pollution as over 40 million children die annually dues to environmental factors.
  3. Approximately 100, 000 sea mammals and 1,000, 000 sea birds are killed by polluted waters each year.
  4. While only 5% of the world’s population, the US produces roughly 30% of the worlds pollution.
  5. Over a billion people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water.
  6. Over 5000 people die per day due to unsafe drinking water.
  7. Pollution affects about 100,000,000 lives which makes it a global issue on the same scale as HIV and malaria.
  8. The majority of the waste dumped into oceans is plastic, which is why it is important to recycle it.
  9. People who live in heavily polluted areas such as industrialized cities, have a 20% greater chance of dying from lung cancer than those who do not.
  10. Recycling saved 85 million tonnes of material from being dumped in 2010. This demonstrates how effective recycling can be considering it takes little effort.